Family Ranidae – True Frogs

Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)

  • Description: 3 1/2-8 inches; brown to green or with in distinct pattern of gray or brown on green background; no ridges on back; belly light, usually variably patterned with dark mottling; hind feet with extensive webbing but longest toe extending well beyond edge of webbing.

  • Distribution: Statewide and common.

  • Breeding period: Early spring to August; does not depend upon rains to initiate calling.

  • Breeding sites: Almost any location with permanent water.

  • Voice: Deep, sonorous call "rooum-rooum" or "jug-o-rum."

  • Comments: Individual recorded near Clinton in Hinds County with northern cricket frogs and Fowler's toads calling in background; individual with common moorhen aud alligator in background recorded at Waukulla Springs, Florida.