Family Hylidae – Treefrogs

Green treefrog (Hyla cinerea)

Green treefrog (Hyla cinerea)

Green Treefrog

  • Description: 1 1/4-2 1/4 inches; slender; smooth skin; light to dark green with a few small, scattered yellowish spots; sides with distinct white or yellow stripes from upper lip to near groin.

  • Distribution: Statewide; common.

  • Breeding period: April to August or September. Rain is not necessary to initiate breeding in this species.

  • Breeding sites: Lakes, ponds, swamps, creeks, or wherever permanent water is available and especially if abundant emergent aquatic vegetation is present.

  • Voice: Call note has been described as "quank" or "quonk."

  • Comments: Narrow-mouthed toads and green frogs calIing in background. Recorded near Nicholson in Pearl River County and on Monterey Road near Florence in Rankin County.