Family Hylidae – Treefrogs

Barking Treefrog (Hyla gratiosa)

  • Description: 2-2 3/4 inches; green or brownish-green with relatively granular skin; back with numerous, relatively large dark spots.

  • Distribution: Southern one-third of state; locally common.

  • Breeding period: April through July or August.

  • Breeding sites: Shallow, semi-permanent and permanent ponds, oxbows, and in swamps with at least some open water.

  • Voice: Breeding call has been described as "boonk" or "doonk" given approximately once per second.

  • Comments: Individual with southern cricket frogs, green treefrogs, bullfrogs and green frogs calling in background recorded on DeSoto National Forest, Harrison County; chorus with bullfrog and southern toad calling in background recorded east of Kiln in Hancock County.