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December 08, 2016

J&G Cyclewear Waterproof Rain Pants are not Actually Waterproof

To be fair, they are pants. But they are not waterproof. Below is my hugely unsatisfying exchange:

I have worn these pants (Waterproof Rain Pants SKU 102) about 5 times now (I have been lucky with the weather) but the tops of my legs are soaked when I get to work after a 40 minute ride. Were these supposed to be waterproof or just water resistant?
-Charles K

Hi Charles,
Garments need to be treated annually with a durable water repellant (DWR) finish, we suggest the wash-in type, this can be found at most outdoor stores. Never wash DWR treated garments in hot water with powder detergent and never use bleach. We suggest cool water wash with liquid woolite and always hang to dry, never place garment in dryer.
Thank you,
J&G Cyclewear
800 452-3938

We're talking about these right: http://www.bicycleclothing.com/Waterproof-Rain-Pants.html? That was what I thought I bought anyway. That page calls them waterproof, and doesn't mention needing to buy a separate thing/product to make them waterproof or make them stay waterproof. In fact, as far as I can tell, no mention of such a separate product appears anywhere on the website. I specifically chose these pants because they were described as waterproof and because they were not breathable. I have been a year-round Seattle bike commuter for over 15 years and have opted for fully waterproof gear, having long since abandoned gore-tex and all other expensive "breathable" stuff because they all fail pretty quickly and require added expense and tiresome babying with all that wash-in stuff. Any indication on your website that these pants would require the wash-in nonsense would have steered me clear quick.

Unfortunately these got me wet the first time I used them and have done so the 5 or so times since. I have a ~40-minute commute. I just tested them here indoors and they leaked within 15 minutes. I have never washed, dried etc. the pants. I just pulled them out of the envelope when I got them and wore them, then stored them in a cool dry place until they were needed the next time. Like I say, I have been lucky over the last year (and prudent with weather-radar-watching) so haven't needed to wear them much.
-Charles K

[No reply.]

I will interpret your silence on this matter to mean you agree that:
1. The term "waterproof" commonly describes something that doesn't allow water to penetrate it, and,
2. If Company A sells thing B that they call waterproof, but B needs thing C to actually be waterproof, Company A might be expected to at least mention thing C when selling thing B, so that the customer could make a fully informed decision.
-Charles K

[No reply.]

Like I say, hugely unsatisfying. Anyway, I'll say it again: J&G Waterproof Rain Pants are not actually waterproof.

Posted by Charles on December 8, 2016 04:51 PM

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