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January 25, 2018

ArcGIS MPK Map Package General Function Failure

"General Function Failure" - Helpful.

The overall output file name may be too long, especially if it is in deeply nested directories. Also try removing slashes and other special characters in the layer names in the Table of Contents in the MXD.

Keywords: ESRI; ArcGIS; ArcMap; MPK; Map Package; apparently it is still 2001.

Posted by Charles at 10:11 AM

November 14, 2017


A modest proposal: raise money to fund a craft capable of taking some number of the most strident flat-earthers high enough to see with their own eyes that the earth is spherical. The agreement before departure: when we arrive at an altitude where it is definitively perceptible that the earth is indeed a sphere, the actual smart people who took you in the craft get to push you out, at which point you freeze, suffocate, and fall to your death in the ocean, thereby removing you from the gene pool. Or you can go back to earth (the round one) with the promise that you will devote the remainder of your existence to educating the rest of the earth's populace about the scientific method. If we, the arrogant empirical elite, are somehow wrong, and the earth is flat, we will gladly join you in educating the entire global (wait, we can't call it that anymore can we?) -- planar population of this new fact.

Posted by Charles at 12:14 PM