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July 11, 2014

ArcGIS Errors 010429, 010029, and 010067 and IDW

Trying to run IDW tool on a point dataset and get:

ERROR 010429: Error in GRID IO: CellLyrChannelClose: Attempt to close invalid cell layer channel.

ERROR 010029: Unable to create the raster [some_path/some_file]

ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression. Failed to execute (IDW).

What I forgot to do was project my data from geographic coordinates to a projected coordinate system. I have forgotten this and have seen this error suite numerous times over the years.

It seems like a useful error message that even hints at such a thing would help the user waste less time, but what do I know. So I am putting it here for future me when I google this same problem a year or so from now.

Posted by Charles at 03:16 PM

June 08, 2014

Kenmore Refrigerator Model 795.78302-802

Remember that refrigerator repair from over a year ago? It's still running fine.

Plus I bought another soldering iron that night to do the repair because I couldn't find the one I knew I already had. I have since found the other one, so now I have two.

Posted by Charles at 12:29 AM

April 29, 2014

ArcGIS Error: All the inputs are not current

Using a tool from the ET GeoWizards toolbox. Error message says: "All the inputs are not current." Stopped outputs from going to in_memory and the error went away.

Posted by Charles at 02:37 PM

April 23, 2014

Green Mystery Lines in ArcMap Page Layout View

So I have an MXD with these green lines in the Page Layout view. They seem to serve no purpose, they might make the MXD render more slowly (though that is difficult to tell, as everything is so excruciatingly slow already), and most importantly, I want them to go away.

This solved it for me: "Draw a rectangle on the line(s), like if you're selecting elements. You won't see any visible indication that it's selected but thatís okay. Mouse right click on the white portion of the screen and choose Delete."

Posted by Charles at 05:54 PM